How to Get Outstanding Results

If you’re familiar with the work of Tony Robbins you likely love him or you hate him, there’s usually no middle ground with Tony. But, this article is not so about him, as much as it is about getting new results.

My wife Nancy and I attended Tony’s 4 Day Seminar “The Power Within” a couple of months ago and though the entire seminar was fantastic it was the fourth and final day that had the biggest impact on us.

The fourth day was all about wellness and lifestyle. Though Nancy and I go to the gym regularly, eat fairly well and generally take pretty care of ourselves, we decided to accept Tony’s 10 Day Wellness Challenge which includes the following:

No White Flour (replace with 100% whole grain or 100% rye )
No Milk Products (replace with Soy)
No Trans Fats (replace with Grape Seed Oil and Olive Oil)
No eggs (replace with egg whites)
No White Sugars (replace with fruits, natural sweets)
No Beef, Pork or Chicken (only fish with good essential oils and fats)
No booze (only water)
No coffee (replaced with mint from the garden and made mint tea)
Absolutely no junk food (no fries, fast foods, or pop drinks of any kind)
East plenty of fresh vegetables
Drink lots of water

Immediately after the seminar we started our month’s vacation in wine country in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario so it was going to be hard to avoid wine but we jumped in anyway and took up the challenge. For 10 days we followed the suggested meal plan and actually had a lot of fun cooking and exploring different ways of preparing food.

We did so well at it that after the initial 10 days, we decided to adopt the life-style and stick with it.

Now, we didn’t do this because we thought we needed to lose weight, nor was it a diet choice of any kind. However, my wife lost 14 pounds in 5 weeks, I lost 12, and we are feeling better than ever.

It’s also somewhat funny to mention but when you eat that healthy, your urine turns from yellow to white/clear. It’s the first indication that your body is back on track.

So, what is it that made us take this challenge? It was actually something that Tony Robbins had said in his seminar and it goes something like this;

We used to live in a world when you did good you got good results. Now you just get average results.

We used to live in a world when you did excellent work that you got excellent results. Now you just get good results.

We used to live in a world when if you were outstanding that you got outstanding results. Not so anymore. Now, you just get excellent results.

But, according to Tony, the goal is not to get excellent results. It’s to get OUTSTANDING RESULTS!

So, in order to get outstanding results, you must be OUTSTANDING, plus a mere two millimeters more. It’s that extra two millimeters that makes all the difference!

So, with that theory in mind, my wife Nancy and I pushed ourselves to go from excellent to outstanding plus 2 millimeters. This is now our new standard in everything we do, including making love, work, fun, play and taking care of our bodies.

Hence, without even trying, we lost weight, are in better shape, feel better, have more energy, and will probably live longer, happier days.

So what can you do to push yourself that extra 2 millimeters to get you your new outstanding results? What can you do for your tinnitus that will get you outstanding results?

The next time you gaze at yourself in the mirror, see yourself in that mirror as you would be exactly five years from now.

How do you feel? Who are you? What are you doing? Are you happy? Are you smiling? Do you like who you see? Do you like how you feel? Do you like the person in that mirror? Has that person stayed the same these past 5 years, or has that person grown?

Has that person healed, or has that person deteriorated? That person you see in the mirror, is it the person you admire? Are you proud of the person in the mirror? Did that person reach for his/her personal best plus two millimeters?

I see myself on my yacht at 50, in great shape, with a super healthy family, full of energy, life, abundance and gratitude. I truly desire to be that great smiling guy, healthy, happy, surrounded by love, energy, and lightness. A small shift in my lifestyle plus an extra 2 millimeters is all that it takes.

Here’s wishing you OUTSTANDING results plus 2 millimeters!

Paul Tobey is a professional speaker who has recorded an amazing 2-part seminar entitled “Tinnitus Free Living.” Paul was invited to give this tinnitus seminar to the Canadian Hearing Society and it is available for instant download by clicking this tinnitus treatment link.