Let Go and Let it Happen

As I sit here at Newark airport waiting for my connecting flight to Phoenix I have about half an hour to put some thoughts together about creating a tinnitus free life.

I want to start by asking you a question. What happens if you can never rid yourself of the ringing? I’m serious. Think about it for a minute. If the ringing never leaves your head what will you do? How will your life change? How will it stay the same?

The fact is, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, for many people tinnitus is a fact of life. So, no matter how much you want it to go away it may never do so. Let’s just assume for a minute that it doesn’t do away. It will always be with you. What now?

Well, I’d like to let you in on what I believe to be the secret to life. “Let go and let it happen.” That’s right, just act as if tinnitus is here to stay, in other words; accept it.

I’ve talked about acceptance before so I’m not going to use this time to go into again. For now, I want to talk about what happens after acceptance.

I think the next step after acceptance is “doing.” Doing ‘what’ you ask? Anything! The key to life is to figure out what it is you really want to do, follow your inner promptings and most of all; stop trying to figure out how you will get it. Just act upon the opportunities that come your way, detach yourself from the outcome and you’ll get there.

You see, we’ve been taught to need things. And, need will always keep you from what you want. Need denotes lack of something and that’s a negative focus. Therefore, if you keep needing to achieve, buy something, be somewhere, be someone, cure your tinnitus etc. it will always elude you.

A better way to attract what you want is to go to the feeling that you would have if you had what you want. Let’s take tinnitus for example. Think for a moment what it would be like to be tinnitus free? Go to the feeling. Feeling is energy. The closer you can connect with the energy behind getting what you want to faster you will get it.

Now, I know I just told you to accept tinnitus so what am I doing trying to get you to feel what it would be like to not have tinnitus? Because, this method works for manifesting anything you want not just tinnitus. So if tinnitus doesn’t leave you, try to get something else that you want. Then once you get that, you’ll have proof that it works and you’ll be another step closer to believing that you can cure your tinnitus.

Let me explain with a quick example of how this works.

Recently I was starting to have lower attendance in my seminars. So, in an effort to boost attendance I decided to run an ad in a local newspaper. I’ve never had much faith in newspaper ads but decided that I had to do something. It as going to cost a lot of money and is a risk so I just said to myself, “I have to do it” and I did.

What happened? Nothing. Only 2 people signed up to the course as a result of the ad, hardly worth the 4 figures that I paid for it. But, the reason it didn’t work was because of my lack of faith. As I said earlier I have little faith in newspaper advertising and therefore my thoughts became reality.

On the other hand, I was detached from the outcome which means; I put my attention on getting what I wanted (higher attendance) but, I was not counting on the ad to do that. That meant my focus was on getting more people and not on an advertisement that may or may not have worked.

So what happened? The same day I put the ad in the newspaper, I got a call from someone who had been in my seminars before. He had built quite a targeted contact list of business people over the years and wanted to know if he could market my seminar to his people in exchange for a commission on the back-end. I agreed.

As a result, I had one of the best attended seminars in recent months. Of the 85 people that came, 75% of them came from his list. All because I didn’t focus on what might not have worked and put my attention on getting the result.

I pictured in my heart the feeling I would have as a I stepped out in front of an audience and enthusiastically engaged them. Then when the time came to do the seminar I did just that, I followed through on the feeling and I had a great time doing it, not to mention earning 5 figures in 8 hours. Not bad for focusing my intention on the result instead of trying to figure out exactly how I was going to fill the room.

So, whatever it is that you want to achieve, do, be or have, focus on the feeling that you will have when you get it. The higher the energy that you feel, the closer you will draw it to you. The law of attraction is a powerful force in the universe, so powerful that you can manipulate reality and bend it to your will.

But remember, focus only on what you want, feel what it would be like to get it, then detach from the outcome and let it come to you! Works every time!


Paul Tobey is a professional motivational speaker who has performed many seminars for ringing ears sufferers and is author of Tinnitus Free Living a Tinnitus Handbook Self Help Guide which helps people reduce their tinnitus volume.