Be Grateful and More Will Come

One of the most powerful feelings that you can have and one that will bring you more of what you want is being “grateful.”

The biggest problem that we have as humans, especially in Western Society, is that we always have our minds set on something more that we can get. Why? Because we think that it will make us happy. That is our main goal isn’t it? To be happy?

So, why then do we struggle, fight, complain and frustrate ourselves to no end trying hard to get what we want in an effort to make ourselves more happy? Because, it’s part of the way we’ve been programmed.

Unfortunately this is a recipe for disaster. There is proof stacked upon proof that struggling and fighting to get what you want never works. Yet, we continue to do so.

The opposite of struggling to get what you want is to be grateful for what you already have, regardless of how little you think you have. Did you know that if you earn more than $2,750 a year that you have more wealth than 85% of the population of the planet? And, if you earn more than $27,500 a year you are in the top 10% wage earners in the entire world.

So, do you have something to be grateful for? You bet! So, why aren’t you grateful? Because you believe there is something better than what you already have. There may be. But, focusing on what you don’t have won’t get you there. Being grateful will.

In a recent seminar I had a lady come up to me at the end and tell me that she loved the course and would like to take my more advanced course but didn’t have the money. I asked why she didn’t have it and of course the response was because of circumstances beyond her control. Naturally.

Well, nothing is beyond her control, and whether she realizes it or not, she is the cause of every negative circumstance in her entire life including being broke. I’m not saying that she attracted it knowingly but rather through a belief system which included not wanting to be wealthy.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make and what I told her was this…

If I could sell you a piece of property in the nicest part of town (in this case I made reference to Rosedale in Toronto) and I could sell it to you for $3,000 would you buy it? “Of course,” she quickly replied. And I said, “But, you just told me you didn’t have any money.”

“Oh, but I could find $3,000 to buy a house,” she said.

I replied tersely, “Then why wouldn’t you spend $3,000 on learning something that could change the course of your life and your financial situation so that you could buy a real house in Rosedale?”

We tend to make up so many excuses for not having what we want instead of going after it. And, the first part of this is being grateful for what you already have. This particular lady was so focused on her lack of money that she completely negated everything that she does have in her life. That negative attraction is so powerful that no matter how hard she fights or resists her current situation it won’t get better.

So, how do you become grateful for what you already have? By taking a few moments each and every day to think about where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Looking back at the way your life used to be instead of looking forward is a sure fire way to be grateful.

If you’re always looking forward you’ll never get there. It’s like trying to walk to the horizon, it will always keep moving further and further away from you.

Take a moment right now and think about the person you used to be and what you used to have. Were you angrier, more frustrated, more broke, less happy? Now look how far you’ve come and feel good about it. The stronger the feeling the more grateful you are and the more energy you’ll put out.

I’m sure that you can find all kinds of evidence to prove to yourself that you don’t have much. So stop trying to find it. Search for evidence of abundance and you will find it and more.


Paul Tobey is a professional motivational speaker who has performed many seminars for ringing ears sufferers and is author of Tinnitus Free Living a Tinnitus Handbook Self Help Guide which helps people reduce their tinnitus volume.