Harmonic Concordance

“Creation began with a tone, and so it shall end as all is about harmonics.”

If you have tinnitus, this statement likely peaked your curiosity. Given that a “tone” has also dramatically changed my life, and is probably changing yours right now, you will want to read about Harmonic Concordance.

My personal coach, Laurie Rosenfield from the Spiritual Centre in Toronto http://www.spiritualcentre.com/page/page/1430571.htm, recently invited me to attend a Phil Gruber workshop on Harmonic Concordance. I really didn’t know anything about it, but Laurie’s intuition is usually spot on, so I went to see what it was about.

Phil is known as a Kathara Healer. It is a very ancient system, not only of healing, but of understanding our place in the Universe. Kathara is a word in the pre-ancient language of Mu’a/Anuhazi, and it means light (KA), sound (THA) and wholeness (RA). It’s based on tuning into your morphogenetic fields – the living holographic templates of sound, light and scalar waves that ultimately manifest as your physical body – restoring your “Organic Imprint for Health”.

I realize that just the description of Kathara seems like Greek so; initially I really had no idea what he was talking about. However, I stayed present and focused in the workshop hoping to find golden nuggets to share with you.

I came away understanding that some believe that part of the energy work on the planet right now, is to raise consciousness for those linked to the frequency of this experience. I Googled it and found a website that read “In a reality created by electromagnetic energy, one might say that the Harmonic Concordance was (is) a ‘jump start’ for their battery.”

As I listened to Phil, I understood that he believed there were deep connections between the evolution of DNA and sacred geometry (Say what?). However, what was interesting is that Phil believes there is a huge relationship between sound and being. Tinnitus changed my life and made me a better person. In fact, it did jump start my spiritual battery. As you can imagine, Phil’s workshop raised more questions for me then answers. I’m not used to multi-dimensional thinking! However, it did open my mind to new possibilities.

I used to say that tinnitus was my angels screaming at me. Now and then, I still notice my angels but I’m more in a place to be able to master my own life. I don’t need the screaming angels the way I used to. But if millions are hearing or “experiencing” a sound like tinnitus, and tinnitus can only be heard by the experiencer, how then does this harmonic we all hear truly affect us collectively? Are we all becoming better people? Is it moving us towards our true purpose?

Is this frequency for the chosen? Is it indeed jump starting us to a new life? And then it begs to ask the deeper question. I no longer ask “Why me?” from a victim point of view. I now ask “why the millions” from the point of view of being privileged.

We experience the tinnitus, most often, as an invasive sound. But, what if it is supposed to be a healing sound towards a higher calling? A call to bring us closer to a higher frequency of energy? Are we being attuned, quite literally?

As a society, we tend to need to solve a problem like tinnitus from a chemical and biological point of view. People like Phil, look at the manifestation of sound from a spiritual point of view, and say the solution lies in the intelligence beyond DNA. DNA is one level of intelligence, and then there are multi layers of intelligence behind the DNA.

For example, Napolean Hill, one of the best selling authors of all time who wrote Think and Grow Rich, tells a great story about this “intelligence”. His son was born without ears and without hearing. Yet, from the beginning of his young son’s life, he literally trained his son to believe that he would be able to hear one day. Was it a miracle that his son grew up to hear? Was his DNA programmed one way, and the greater intelligence behind the DNA able to correct the once damaged DNA?

We normally call these life occurrences a miracle. Napolean Hill believed that anyone can think their way to anything, including healing. Is thought truly the manifestation of DNA? Can we heal by thought? If so, how do we master thought?

I still don’t know much about Kathara healing. But, some of what Phil was teaching resonated with me as truth. The reason being, I mastered tinnitus by changing my thoughts.

Light and sound do have a very profound effect on humans. That is why you are reading this article right now. Is your tone calling you to your higher purpose, to higher state of vibration or frequency? If so, find your truth, and take an action today that moves you closer to it.

To learn more about Phil Gruber, the Spiritual Centre, or my life coach Laurie Rosenfield, email [email protected], or dial 416-844-5507

About Phil Gruber

He is a licensed acupuncturist, holds a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine, and is a teacher and continuing student of vibrational medicine and sacred geometrical healing. His diverse training includes the study of Kabala, multidimensional systems of magic, and hyper-dimensional physics. Phil’s strong background in hard sciences is coupled with his knowledge of angelic language, the metatronic physics of light, the so-called “lost” biblical scrolls and related historical documents.


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